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10 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home

10 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home

There are many options to consider when looking to increase the value of your home and it is important to check with local estate agents to get a handle on current buyer wants and needs that command a premium price.

If you are planning a larger conversion or new space build, you also need to consider hiring a local architect, builder, and project manager to ensure the job gets done with the right permissions, to the right quality, on time, and on budget. 

Here are 10 of our best recommended ways to add value. Create Additional Bedroom/s With Loft Conversion

By converting empty loft space into a spacious new bedroom/s (with ensuite) you can add significant size and value to your home.

1. Create Additional Bedroom With Loft Conversion

By converting empty or underused loft space into a spacious new (master) bedroom or further bedrooms, you can add significant size and value to your home. Without requiring extra planning permission this can be a great addition to your home.

2. Add a Conservatory or Orangery

Adding a fully glazed conservatory onto a living space in your home increases the brightness of the property and helps merge the indoor with the outdoor. 

Be sure to consider the size, frames and efficiency of your chosen conservatory. Some require planning permission which you may need an architect to assist you with, whereas some are classified as permitted developments. Making sure your conservatory is triple glazed helps keep warmth in the room over the winter and adding blinds or shades keeps the room cool in the summer. 

You can also convert your existing older Conservatory into an Orangery with a solid roof. Older style Conservatories tend to be too hot in the summer & too cold in the winter. By converting your existing conservatory into an orangery you can enjoy a more pleasant indoor/outdoor space.

3. Apply For Planning Permission To Extend Overall Square Footage

The less intense option available, requiring no disruption or construction work, is to work with a local architect to design and apply for planning permission for a house extension on your property that would benefit future buyers. This shortcuts the process for buyers, and increases the overall potential value of your home.

4. Convert The Cellar

A popular method of adding more space where space is limited (such as in London Zones), converting your cellar presents a plethora of opportunities for living space. 

You could use the area as additional living space, wine store, home cinema room, kids playroom, or a man cave! 

Even if you don’t have a cellar, you may consider ‘digging down’ to create a space underneath your home and add value.

5. Add Garden Office

With more of us working from home, an adequate space to work away from the disruptions of the daily house routine is becoming an in-demand requirement from buyers.

Consider purchasing a garden room office fully equipped with electric and plumbing to increase the value of your home, extending onto your existing space, or converting your garage. However do keep in mind that most off the shelf Garden Rooms are not insulated so we always recommend adding insulation to the floor, walls & roof to give all year round usage.

Adding a glazed Pergola & decking is another suggestion to create a working from home outdoor space.

6. Update The Bathroom

A bathroom, much like the kitchen, is an integral part of a home. Refreshing your existing bathroom suite with new furniture and paint can go a long way to increasing the value of your home. 

If your home only has a bathroom downstairs, consider where and how you could move this upstairs, making the home more family friendly. Or alternatively incorporating a ground floor ‘wet room’ is great with ageing parents.

7. Update The Kitchen 

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. Fitting a modern kitchen can add significant value and appeal to your home. Open plan layouts are in high demand and can make a property look outstandingly bigger – with kitchen/breakfast rooms and kitchen/family rooms proving very popular.

8. Add Curb Appeal

Buyers get their first impressions of a home from it’s curb and first look. Painting the exterior of your home, replacing old tired fences and gates, and tidying up the garden can add significant value to your home, and make it appear more attractive. 

9. Add Off-Street Parking or Garage

With most homes having at least one if not multiple cars, adequate parking is in high demand from buyers. If your property has only street parking, consider dropping the kerb (you will most likely need to apply for planning permission) and putting in a parking bay in front of your property, and if you currently only have a parking space, be sure to add a garage to accommodate families needs for a space to store outdoor furniture and all garden equipment. 

10. Go Open Plan

A highly desirable layout in modern times is an open play layout. Consider how you could make the flow of the property work better. 

Removing stud walls, opening up spaces, removing doors and keeping flooring the same throughout can all help to make your property feel more open and large. 

If you are considering increasing the value of your home by making some improvements, contact us today.

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