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How much value does a Loft Conversion add to your home?

How much value does a Loft Conversion add to your home?

How much value does a Loft Conversion add to your home?

Are you considering some home improvements, perhaps a loft conversion? Usually the most cost effective way to add value to your home is by increasing your floor space. This is why so many homeowners are adding home extensions to their properties. However, what if a side or lateral extension isn’t possible ? 

Quite often in our ever increasingly crowded urban areas side extensions just aren’t possible or are unlikely to get planning permission. This is where a loft conversion could be the solution. Provided they don’t jar with surrounding buildings, loft conversions are much more likely to have planning permission approved. 

A simple way to check whether a loft conversion is possible in your home is to stand in the centre of your loft, between the ridge and the ceiling joists, and measure the headroom. Ideally, if you have from 8ft of space, a loft conversion should be possible, although you can get away with it from as low as 7ft. To be sure it is worth consulting a local architect who can also prepare drawings and plans for you. 

Loft conversions can be used for a multitude of tasks from adding another bedroom, a playroom, a study or an ever increasing popular trend is a cinema room. It is worth considering how you can add clever storage to your new loft conversion room in order to compensate for the storage you are losing by converting the attic space. 

The cost of converting your attic space can start from £15,000 for a single room conversion. A recent study by Nationwide found that adding a loft conversion with a bedroom and ensuite bathroom can add an average of 21% to the valuation of your home. Based on the average house price in the UK of £230,292 (average house price in June 2019, Office of National Statistics) this could be an added value of £46,000. This could make it a worthwhile project to not only increase space and living quality for your family but also as a value adding home improvement. 

If you are considering adding a loft conversion to your home and you would like professional advice from a local architect in Berkshire please contact Hungerford Design. Hungerford Design Architects can help you will all areas of loft conversion planning. 

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